4 months ago

still got RE4 brainrot



Next up

Sonic Riders !! This one took me a while LMAO. Tried to emulate a game style a bit more for this and keep it loose

Resident Evil my beloved. Leon!!

Something I was messing around with! Kinda my own interpretation of a ''shadow bonnie/springtrap''. Idk I thought it being kinda like some form of agony would be cool

Resident Evil 3 in Unreal Engine 5 Project.

RE3 Shotgun Shells remade by me (Rendered with Blender Cycles)

► The proportions were off for artistic purposes, to match the original.

#REBHFun #b3d #ResidentEvil #blender #JillValentine

CW: Blood

werehog battle! Something I was doing then ended up overcomplicating it

Literally my first thought during this scene with Ashley having the knight armor on 💀

New Roxy print I made for Roxy’s VA for their next upcoming Streamily signing!

You can get the print here along with others! https://streamily.com/fnaf

Been struggling to draw Bowser , so did a colour study, tried a completely different colouring method for this one

All Classic RE3 Ammo + Unreal Engine 5 (Final Video).

RE3 models remade by me in Blender.

Music by NEFFEX.

#REBHFun #RE3 #UnrealEngine #Blender #b3d #ue5 #residentevil #re #remake #biohazard #capcom #jillvalentine #horror #nemesis #umbrellacorporation

Print for Tim Simmons Nightmare Freddy's VA, Link to his shop below https://streamily.com/timsimmons