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Thanks for the cool prizes @gamejolt and @InsightEditions !😁



Next up

Made in #Blender for my game "What Was Found at Ravenhill" πŸ”

Just a test as my first render made in #Blender version 4... still need to test a lot of the new features!

Made this in #Blender to test an idea I had using the Blender hair system... Jellyfish

Happy 12th Anniversary, Minecraft!

The game's first full release was Nov. 18, 2011.

We're celebrating this landmark anniversary by giving out copies of Minecraft: The Official Pop-Up from our friends at @InsightEditions !

Read the article for more info!

Here are some environment props I’ve made in #Blender for my WIP So Man’s Sky fan art scene! πŸ„

Did you know cupcakes can be square? I made lots of minecraft toppers that, while simple, I think came out good!

My dream #LEGO set would be a giant build of Rohan from Lord of the Rings! #LegoWish

As suggested by @N3rdblood and @SwanzeeYT , my first #Blender project of 2024 was inspired by No Man's Sky! This turned out more challenging than I had anticipated, but I’m happy with the end result πŸ˜„

Modern Overlook

Built with @paintergigi

Can't believe I've been on GJ for 4 years already! 😱 To celebrate my #spawnday, you get a chance to decide my first 3D render of 2024! Just leave a comment below of something you'd like to see me make, and I'll choose one idea as my first project!