Super Adventure Pals
8 years ago

The Adventure Pals @ PAX East

Holy HECK we’re going to PAX EAST!

We’ll be exhibiting at PAX East alongside the amazing Armorgames who have pimped out a booth for us along with four other games. There’s sweet games & Prizes aplenty including a giraffe beanie hat, giraffe shirt and PINNNSSS oh and some sweet art cards. So be a PAL and come say “HI! I really think you’re pretty cool and I like your stuff”.

In other news… We’ve changed the name of the game!!

Introducing “The Adventure Pals”

That’s right the game is now slightly easier to pronounce! The name change came after a discussion that’s been going on for a while. Which went a little like this:
“Why should I buy the sequel I’ve never even heard of the first one!”

Also the first game sucks weenies compared to the new game, so we wanted to not associate too closely with it.

New Sexy Promo Art!

This new promo art is brought to you by myself and Janice Chu


So now that’s out of the way let me introduce you a little more to the land of adventure pals!

The Happy Forest lands filled with an abundance of trees, angry deer and squirrels.


Pirate Cove
It’s got cats, not any cats pirate zombie cats.


The Wasteland Wastelands
The dinosaurs have come back in time, spilled nuclear waste everywhere and are trying to rough it out!


It’s atlantis with crabs GEDDDIITT


Super Mystery Place!!

We can’t give away all of our goodies!


So there you have it, we have most of a game right there! not long now until you’ll see that launch date.

Thanks for reading

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– Julian & Jay <3



Next up

Super Adventure Pals 2 - In the making. Super Adventure pals 2 has been in development for quite a while now, we are making some steady progress. We should have some early game play for you in about a month or less.

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Chiaki Nanami!

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Sometimes the suction cup get sticky. Small animation I made in Blender after doing my tutorial on picking up/dropping objects in animations. Crate model by jQueary (…).

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The Authority decided to investigate the Basement and leads to recovering classified documents Fun fact: The building has 928 doors and not 1000 doors. #horror