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These two are so similar in general concept and I love that so much. Hell they both might end up being my favorite Mario and Sonic games.

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What we think of this steam collection

These videos are so awesome I hope we get another one soon...........

I've finally recharted something again after like 2 months!!!! DEATH from the bear5 mod!!

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/w_BeZ_jMVMI

Who's also excited for the new Mario & Luigi game?! #GJAsks

They're so cool

Imagine if Sonic Heroes was on the GBA

(not 100% accurate but just a fun idea I had)

Played the FNAC FUR demo and it's REALLY GOOD

Cannot wait for the full version!!!

That new Ao Oni game is REALLY funny looking

Here's the process of the Metal Sonic illustration I made a while ago. You'd never guess how it started... Left in the beginning sketches for a chuckle or two.

: Clip Studio Paint : Leva - Reaction by Vitaliy Levkin

Favorite FNF mods like ever rn...