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this isn't funny lol



Next up


me when the

my game is gonna rock your world (adding rocks)

heres some art ive been working on for future songs i might make

In the quest for accessibility, I'm adding Resurrection Shrines for players on the 'novice' end of the platforming spectrum.

In order to unlock the power of a Shrine, you must collect 3 'Souls' from your dead corpses! (the floating blue orbs)

Demonstration of the spells and their effects :)!

Horror WIP A track that will be featured in a future horror game soundtrack! Stay tuned!

Likes appreciated ✌️

#gamedev #composer #horrorgame #indiegame #IndieGameDev #soundtrack

"Day to Day" (also check spud out here he's a great guy and writer: https://soundcloud.com/spudward)

Regular exercise is key for healthy wings.

Try it out!


brung back my old oc plus a new one

...they don`t have names yet tho