Toilet Night

11 months ago

Update on Toilet Night's development

(still can't believe I'm posting an update on a joke game)


As already mentioned on the games page, the game has a trait system that lets you choose an upgrade after completing each session/hour. Just like a rogue-like game. I'm still working on this trait system and already added 3 different upgrades which are fully functional.

  • "Comfy Toilet" Trait: Increases your toilet meter filling speed.

  • "Antidepressants" Trait: Makes your anxiety increase slower when the lights are out.

  • "CFL" Trait: The light makes less noise so you can hear important things more clearly, such as footsteps.

And I'm planning to add more traits in the future.

A tablet? Camera? Radar?

Currently, the gameplay relies on 2 things:

  • Listening (to footsteps)

  • Quick reflexes (to repel the patrol bot)

I wanna add a third aspect to the gameplay loop because, in its current state, the game isn't very challenging. And yet boring. So to fix this I decided to add a visual thing to keep track on in the gameplay loop. A tablet. Or a radar. Or a camera. Idk just something visual. I'll think about the actual game mechanics later.

Here's how it looks in the game (the bright green part is the screen, which is empty for now):


Its model and animations are complete. Just gotta figure out what the heck it actually does.



Next up


Working on the menu.

A survival game where you are stranded in the middle of never-ending space, trying to fix your spaceship. (most of the items and sprites are placeholders)

Toilet jumpscare.

Tablet mechanics are almost done.

Oh and this was what I was talking about

Enjoy this fully animated and epic menu.

Meme of the day.

New profile pic. Tried to represent myself more this time.