Vault: Tomb of the King

2 years ago

Vault Full Release Update

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year already.

Time has truly flown by for me and as you might have known I was hoping to release Vault this year. As you probably guessed by now, that won’t be happening.

It’s been a tough couple of years for everyone and that has definitely slowed down my progress, but I still have a deep desire to finish the game.

I truly appreciate your support and will be doing my best to release Vault in the new year.

As always, if you want any more information about the game or to talk to me about anything at all, you can join the official Discord:

I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season and thank you for being here!

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Next up

These mushrooms have an interesting reaction when hit with magic!


Vault will be fully voice acted!

This treasure hunter and his dog need your help.

In the quest for accessibility, I'm adding Resurrection Shrines for players on the 'novice' end of the platforming spectrum.

In order to unlock the power of a Shrine, you must collect 3 'Souls' from your dead corpses! (the floating blue orbs)

Find all of the secrets in a level and you can play as your canine companion!


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Grappling Hook + Mine Carts!


For updates about the progress and release of Vault, please consider following us on Twitter!

Lots of Angry Plants live deep below Allard's Tomb. The only way to escape is by using the Thief's Shadow Rush ability!

Who said the dog can't solve puzles too?


Finished designing the last enemy in the game: Spider Mommy and Spider Babies!