Vault: Tomb of the King
2 years ago

These mushrooms have an interesting reaction when hit with magic!

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Next up

Grappling Hook + Mine Carts!

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Lots of Angry Plants live deep below Allard's Tomb. The only way to escape is by using the Thief's Shadow Rush ability!

Finished designing the last enemy in the game: Spider Mommy and Spider Babies!

Belle Boomerang is available NOW in Europe, Australia, and the Americas! Woo!

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We've added a new animation of the main character's work.

Who said the dog can't solve puzles too?

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I've been working on the design of environments for urban battles. I also decided to use pixelbasher for this as it helps me save time and I keep the same style. Oh, I'm also introducing a new enemy called de Aka Manto which works as an urban enemy.

Vault Full Release Update