Sonic.exe: Fear of Souls
3 years ago

Windy Forest Preview (Mostly AI Preview)

Just a small devlog of what i've made so far!

Basically Exonder can walk around and jump. He also can guess where you are and if you make too much noise he'll definitely come after you ;)

Also, making sonic engine in game maker requires a lot of time, so instead i bring clickteam back




Next up

Solve the puzzle :scream:

Night Green Hill ~

I wonder what this zone could be..... ?

beta was updated to v1012 whats new: - US servers

- waiting screen update

- Androd version

Eggman. Dr. Robotnik. Eggy. Edgie. EGG. (PS: This was made from scratch, not NSSSW or Sonic Worlds AND this is still movement test) (this is GIF)

Been working lately on lots of 'behind-the-scenes' boring stuff that no one really cares about, so here’s a guy playing the sax for some reason.


Chiaki Nanami!

So here's the first of the zodiac signs i will make for the next weeks.

A Shiny Mega Gengar 🌟 For @ManutkArt 's #ThreeColorsChallenge!

The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark is out TODAY! 🖱️Advanced pointing, clicking action 🖨️Very funny words! Loads of them! 👻6 sarcastic, spectral cases to solve