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"If you see, hear, or encounter what you believe to be another person, run."

Join this AMAZING absolutely STUNNING game on roblox I put together, totally not awful n' shit, it's legit the best thing ever. LMAO, it's laggy and "amazing" smh

Algunos renders de "A Golden Past Chapter 2" que hice ojala les gusten.

ENG: Some renders of "A Golden Past Chapter 2" that I do hope you like.

Wyatt The Wolf Remastered is done!

For context, Wyatt is an old character I modeled for one of @fredinator1 's projects, I just decided to remaster him with the modeling skills I have now, making him look more wolf like than his original model.

so i just searched up @fredinator1 and found this

Welcome to my fat community where we all hangout and have this community exist.

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