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Just made a website to show teasers and other art. Adding more soon!

You can't live in the safety of your father forever

Built to destroy

Devlog #1

Gameplay, Cameras, Cutscenes, and more!

(read below for new reveals)

Commissions are open again. Join my discord server, and talk to me if you would like to commission me, and I'll estimate a price.


Welcome to the Jacorn's Basement community on Game Jolt!

(art by: @mouse-trap )


In this community, I @Jacorn will be posting updates on me, and my games. Anyone else can also use this community, as long as they use the correct channels, and follow the rules. If you have, suggestions, questions, ideas, or fan art, you are welcome to stay!

  1. Be kind.

  2. Use proper channels.

  3. Don't steal art. (Or anything else)

  4. Don't be rude.

  5. Don't post anything off-topic or inappropriate.

  6. Have Fun!

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