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Just made a website to show teasers and other art. Adding more soon!

Forgotten At Fredbear's Teaser Trailer

Forgotten At Fredbear's Teaser Trailer (Five Night's At Freddy's Fangame)
The infamous diner, is still open after the incident. Henry Emily, and William Afton are still hard at work, and trying their best to fund the restaurant. Yo...

Should I make a website for my personal projects and other stuff that aren't related to game development?

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Teaser Trailer on Nov. 24th, during the @FangameDirect event.

Be there…

We Went To The Amusement Park In VR | VRChat (Carpool)
In this video, we go to amusement park, and ride all of the rides, (almost die a few times) and have fun. Carpool h...