make sure that islam rules

we will stream again but i like to say a new independce in zrag is Principality of Dhulzor and it has its own army plus

they have good numbers of burgs citys

read in dec of what is it and how good to play as this nation

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slime comic

dont eat first pray little slime.....bruh


what you wanna see next who wants to be a moderator if not dont comment

are you in?

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✝️🤝☪️🤝☸🤝🕉🤝☦🤝⚛🤝☯️ XD

so in world of fantasy the hontar army attack and finaly had the land kingdom of step is over now they lose

so guys ima stream again to see if yall in for this :))))

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Welcome to the mogaza Community on Game Jolt!

amazing Islam even if you are not a Muslim

Make sure to check out what mogaza is and learn the micronation


so let's see what you want to hear

  1. it's a community for muslim

  2. it's also a community for not muslim

  3. we post for update

  4. a community for supporting Palestine

  5. Behave

  6. you can post about funny stuff

  7. and no bad content

  8. when joining you must be a good person here

  9. and to join us to edit or help the community ask a staff

The rules of warning things that can get you ban in this community so respect

Made by joinplay

  • No anime

  • No swear post

  • No talking about your game unless your talking about gaza

  • No posting your stuff about things try posting something about our game or maybe something about your cool stuff if its not a content to make other muslim mad

  • No jewish post

  • No NSFW

  • And do not talk about holloween i dont know or even santa class or i will come and find you

  • We want good post and do not post about whats wrong about us just tell us to fix something

  • Do not get mad only cause you dont know why its haram please learn about islam then you can know why its bad

The islam micronation

And also islam rules

  1. Respect the Site Guidelines

  2. be good to Muslim

  3. we do not like Jewish

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