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After going apeshit, here's fanart

@Sid_heart made this for me! ❤️💖💝🥺🍫

She is amazing person!

((She did this in discord))

Created by Sid_heart!

Nice community 👍

i draw Elma for "elma art contest" in pretty blood official discord

Silly bois

Welcome to the 🩸Pretty Blood🩸 community Or (Twinkling community)

Want to post your pretty blood drawing then join my Pretty blood community or (Twinkling community)


  1. No saying mean words (in post or comment)

  2. No stealing Post or drawing (if you ask they permission or put credit of the artist)

  3. You can post blood, Gore and disturbing because they are allowed in pretty blood, BUT if they are too much blood, Gore or disturbing then Put it in BGD!

  4. No posting porn/NSFW

  5. No saying the n word

  6. Be nice to every members!

If you break one of the rules you will get ban for 1 hour or 1 week!

Break too many rules you will get ban! if you apologize then I will unban you!

Enjoy posting your pretty blood drawing!!

Credit: LittleCuteThing/LittleCuteCorpse (Creator of Pretty blood)

@Twinkling owner
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