fightbosses in DELTARUNE & UNDERTALE


Fight Disbelief Papyrus (He has 30 HPs) (He do 50 DMG) (He blocked 20 of your hits before you finally killed him) (You need to beat Sans first.)

Fight Sans (he has 1HPs) (He dodge but in the 15th turn u will hit him) (he do 40 DMG) (you need to beat Mettaton NEO to can beat him)

Fight Mettaton NEO (he has 1500HPs) (he do 55 DMG) (you need to beat Undyne The Undying to can beat him)

Fight Undyne The Undying (she has 1250HPs) (she do 50 DMG) (you need to beat Omega Flowey or Asriel Dreemurr to can beat her)

Fight ASRIEL DREEMURR (he has 2000HPs) (he do 65 DMG) (you are invicible in this battle!) (you need to beat Asgore to can fight him)