Do you like FNaS? I do!

Dr Golden's Mean Bean Machine!

Goofy lil concepts I made for this fun lil idea I kinda wanna try to make real.

(Still coming up with finalizing some ideas for this and when I do I'll prob ask for a coder, musician, etc)

some progress

I have some good news for people who want more changes to some games (FNaS 5 2.0 specifically)

july 12th

Clone Channel art for July 2024, featuring the new Dry Nightmare Yoshi!

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Five Nights at Sonic's (FNaS) is a FNaF fangame from 2015, made by TheCyVap, the game was made because of a joke comic, and was eventually turned into a full fangame series has formed a large and talented community behind it.

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