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Welcome to the Five Nights at Treasure Island community on Game Jolt!

Five Nights at Treasure Island, or FNaTI, is a fangame that was created in late 2014 shortly after the release of FNaF 2. Made by Anart1996, the game garnered a large following after its 3-night demo release. At the time, there were no other fangames like it, making FNaTI a pioneer of fangames. Thanks to GameJolts community feature, the fanbase now has a place to gather, which is here.

This community is dedicated to all things FNaTI. Discuss fangames, post your fanart, ask questions, the list goes on. Don't forget to have fun as well!


-Do not spam.

-Do not advertise other communities.

-Keep things relevant to the channel you post them in.

-Try to keep things appropriate.

-Do not start drama.

...Oh and, try to keep your head on

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