Let's Talk FNaF Vr!

Another great day, another great drawing ;)

This time it’s the whole gang

If you like my stuff follow me <3

Oh boy here it is!!!

Dread bear

holy crap

15 days! im sorry for not posting for so long

well now im back with motivation

however, expect longer time between uploads

good old fredbear

Welcome to the Official Unofficial Fnaf Vr community on GameJolt!

Fnaf Vr Help Wanted is said to be the greatest and scariest game in the history of Fnaf, The name explains itself, it's fnaf but in vr! see your favorite animatronics sitting right next to you waiting for repairs, or maybe have a reimagining of the 4 indie games that were bigger than the internet itself, or even sit and repair vents and much, much more!

How long will you survive? and good luck!

Things to know:

  1. Please Try To Stay On Topic, Or Post Unrelated Things In Random Tab

  2. If You=Anime Fan Boy/Girl, Then You=Joke

  3. No NSFW. This is self-explanatory.

  4. No being horrible to others about their posts, comments, or interests. You can give constructive criticism, but being horrible will result in a 1 day ban.

  5. Ignore Rule Number 2

  6. Please do not touch any glowing purple tapes

Enjoy your stay!


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