Questions for Kane in POPGOES

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Hi @Kane i want ask if exist the official subreddit of popgoes or the fazber fanverse

@Kane on endless night could their pls be a way to disable certain animatronics you want in endless night. I ask this because some players may want to be able to play nights without a character they might find annoying to deal with just for fun.

Hey @kane if Popgoes ultraviolet were to become an accual sequel

Would it have it's own popgoes arcade teaser game or different kind of teaser game if any at all ?


Do smaller dates like the birthday of Fritz Glade or (Slightly bigger) when Follow Me is still stand or have these also changed?

And will the other human designs be updated or completely overhauled?

@Kane very VERY serious question…does Oliver “Popgoes” Evergreen like green apples or red apples better? My girlfriend says green because they match him, but I say red because it’s a nice contrast. Please help settle this incredibly serious dispute. 🙏🙏🙏