I added and changed some gameplay screenshots, go look at those on the gamepage



Winner (counting discord poll): Video of me defending against Oswald

E<:O - A game made in celebration

Today is the anniversary of @Airbot_GamerTV not releasing a game for a year! Play here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/945597498/

chat I got 300 followers if I were to make an update what should I make

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Just fixed a MASSIVE bug. The saving system was saved to a whole server, and not locally stored, so if someone else beat a challenge, you beat it too. Please redownload the game if you are still playing it.

Welcome to the Turtleboard's Turtling Turtleden community on Game Jolt!

Community for the pretty epic turtleboard. Usually a game dev but also does other essentials on gamejolt.

@TurtleBoard - Man behind the community

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