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Real talk, my alt account got hacked, this is my new main. Don't trust anything my old alt says.

fortnite chapter 4 season 1 was goated. idk how people hated that. the graphics, the map, it was a literal floating island in space. so much better that any chapter 5 season imo.

not saying it was the best, but it's definitely hated wayyy too much.

Possible rebranding to a different username. I was going to change it to RelapseEra but im pretty sure yall would prefer TurtleBoard. I dont though, so well see how that goes.

Mezzo's hot takes #5 because i need to post more often

People born in 2010 are not gen alpha but gen z, and I'll explain why, too.

Since fortnite is very poop now, imma make a BR map in UEFN that is "better" than the normal current BR mode lmao. lemme cook, trust