What do you think?

Still working on it??

How the fuck do you make this game

so the remaster is canceled or inactive?

pleaaaaaaas plaeaeaeaeas complite this gaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

please continue with this game it is so amazing

Hello everyone, it's ya boy Rexer.

Yes, Blood Scream is back baby, and better than ever.

And let's talk about it, there's some important stuff here you need to read otherwise you will be totally lost while playing the game.

First of all, some skills.

Up+Z while jumping = Double Jump

C while jumping = Stomp

And press C to proceed during dialogues.

And i think that's it.

Now for the most important part.

This new, revolutionary, hyper mega hit system.

Basically, when you get hit, it causes a ring drop, however in this game the rings drop extremely near you and sometimes you even drop around half of them, wich makes the game extremely more easy.

That, if i didn't make this new, revolutionary-

Ok, i'll shut up.

Basically, if you only have 1 ring, you fucked up.

Some attacks, mostly from bosses, will reduce your number of rings before causing the ring drop.

And if your ring amount is 0 then you are screwed.

Here's an example.

You have 20 rings and you get hit by an attack that reduces your rings by 15 before the ring drop.

Well, your ring amount will be reduced to 5 and you will drop your 5 rings.

Buuuuut, if you have 15 or less rings when you get hit by that attack, well, you ded boi.

(However in this demo this only works for the last boss so fuck it.)

Rings will mostly work as some sort of weird life bar or something like that.

You will understand better once you experiment it.

But yeah, collect as many rings and extra lives as possible.

Aaaand i think that's all.

See you guys next time.

Cartoon Violence
Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Mild Language

So, how does the idea of Blood Scream Remake having some drawn cutscenes sounds? Just a few btw, like 2 or 3.

And also, I'm not confirming anything, I'm just curious.

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First demo

What should i say?

I have no idea.