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In the town of Drenmyre, stories abound of the Lyndon House. The stone manor stands as a dark shadow on the landscape. Many stories are shared about the house, some true, some not. What is known is that an aura of despair and terror darken the room at the very mention of Lyndon.

Jaden is obsessed with the house. One night, after an argument, his skeptical brother Scott discovers him missing. All that is left is an open window and a note stating he’s gone to Lyndon Manor. Scott follows him into the house, only to find himself trapped. Where is Jaden, what is breathing demented life into the walls of this shuttered home, and what exactly is hiding…

Behind the Shadows.

#horror #adventure

Intense Realistic Violence
Blood and Gore
Alcohol Reference
Drug Use
Tobacco Use

Main Suburbs of Drenmyre

Scott and his Impala, arriving outside Lindon Manor. Behind The Shadows WIP Photo. The impala is totally a reference to #Supernatural btw.

#HorrorGame #IndieDev #GameDev

After a lot of time and effort we have settled on HDRP for Behind The Shadows and have successfully converted everything over properly and have worked on the lighting to make sure everything looks right!

Crows outside Lindon Manor.

​The Fog has set in! Some tuning to the over all look have been done and we're pretty happy with the result.