What do you think?


this feels very much like a joke

but if its not, heres some tips:

  • make original music/remixes at least

  • fix the charting to go with the music

  • make sure your sprites arent clipping into the backrooms (fix this by editing the xml file to the correct positions)

  • create actual designs for the characters, not just throwing a shit ton of black marker and some colored boxes

and thats all i can think of rn

edit: appearently you updated it, but you havent changed the video shown on this page, but you seem to have atleast have cleaned up a bit of clipping and the charting, good for you! but it still needs work

whos this?

I recorded a video with your mod

I really like Cuphead and I also really like PIBBY so I CREATED a CupRRupted mod. #fnf #adventure #other


Do you want me to update the game and put all the indie cross characters with the PIBBY infection?

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