General in Dustswap: DUSTTRUST OFFICIAL

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New tracks are out on Youtube and SoundCloud. Check them out of you want. Links in the article.

Art by @Stup1


My reaction after @X_Productions_ starts making the fourth iteration of the Sans sprite sheet (I think it's the fourth). Also new menu theme on the game page by @EpiphanicCube404 .

I'm just gonna release a few tracks now on the GameJolt page. I'm waiting for new music art from @Stup1 since he's making a new one. The old one kind of sucks now. SoundCloud and Youtube uploads will happen later. Hope you all like the new music .

ai-written dusttrust song isnt real, it cant hurt you

ai-written dusttrust song:

DUSTTRUST OST - Rewritten by an AI
(If the song thumbnail turns grayscale, that means the song is written by an AI from that point forward.)I got bored and tossed a small chunk of Dusttrust so...