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the game is still in devlog, so people cant play the demo, you have to put it in early accese

Just so people know, i made this idea, but i just considered what if mr macbeth came for revenge, most of the ideas are they`res

wait i will actullay make this a game you can play on gamejolt where you fight this guy



bro what is this demo its like making a game is ms paint lol

Name yourself Ellie, you play as Ellie.

That's all you got from me.

Also, The original idea is by @DistractionMan.

Mild Cartoon Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Alcohol Reference

game is canceld

Play the Demo.

i made a demo, if you want ill make a full games, or make that the full game

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updated description

Okays so, if you use mirror, he just punches it and breaks it lul.