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Well, I tried the updated version, and while it was better, I still didn't find a whole lot of interest in playing any future updates. Pretty good atmosphere but I couldn't finish it sadly.

Honestly, I didn't think it was a very good game. The mannequins don't even do anything. There's nothing to make me scared of them. They just stand there and don't even move or creep up behind me. Oops. I linked the wrong video.

Good game and good concept. My only nitpick is make the mannequins in more areas and scenes. That would be mad creepier!

Game is Available in Win 64bit,Win 32, Mac & Linux.
All version are beside "DOWNLOAD" button on the right is three dots "click" on it and there is other version of the game.


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PROJECT MANNEQUINS Update Beta 0.7 (Last Update!) 22.12.20

Bug Fixes, Changes  : 

* lowered the volume of some sound effects.
* Mouse Sensitivity option added.
* Fixed bug where you can open doors through wall.
* Changed Controls Zoom with Interacting.
* Now you interact by pressing (RIGHT-Click) & Zooming with "Q".

* Added new level "Cave".

NEW Features : 

* You can climb the Ladder.


Conclusion 22.12.20 : 
This Game has been my first 3D Project where I learn as I was building this game,

it was incredible 8/9 months of development of this game, but I wasn't confident with AI which I've done so I didn't add "Enemy" in 0.7 + I wanna start on a different kind of Projects so this is the Last version. New Games from me coming next year ;) Thank you very much for all your support,donates & i wish you

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PROJECT MANNEQUINS New Update ALPHA 0.5 (01.10.20)

Bug Fixes, Changes  : 

* Fixed many box colliders on mannequins and other objects.

* Box Colliders added to the ceiling

* Range for Falling chairs  has been  lowered from 6.5 - 5.

* Battery life has been increased from 60 > 100

* Scary doll added + interactable.
* Changed position of some Mannequins.
* Crouch improved.
* Added new objects to Intro Camera.
* Raycasting of interact items has been decreased from 2 > 1.5
* Tooltips size increased from 4 > 10
* Batteries, Fear value now save between scenes.
* Pause Menu now fully working.
* You can Save your game when you exiting to main menu.
* Batteries + Fear System will reset when you RESTART GAME.
* Fog added.
* Storm added.
* 1x New Level added.
* 1x Preview Level added.

NEW Features : 

* Video Settings (changeable) & Controls (not changeable)
* Mannequins can appear behind u or near u.
* Camera Shake, Glitch added to various Scare jumps.
* You can pick up, grab and Interact with various items 
  and throw them away from u or place them.
* Zoom added on the "Right-Click" on the Mouse.
* Note System added you can "Read Notes" by pressing "E".
* FEAR SYSTEM added.
* Restart System added (You can die now).


About the Game :

You wake up in a basement and you have no idea how you ended up there. You need to find the way out through the scary house and terrifying forest. 


[05.09.20] Thank you so much for over 2000 views / 800 Downloads


Any other bugs you find please report i wanna updating the game make more levels and make some voice overs as well ;)

Btw i am Indie Dev less then a year and on this project i spend 4 months.


Features :

You can Walk,Jump,crouch what do you want more?

Okay you can : Collect Batteries for your Flashlight.

Collect Keys to Open Doors.


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Realistic Violence
Realistic Bloodshed

Did you already play - Project : Mannequins?

NEW Features : 

* Video Settings (changeable) & Controls (not changeable)
* Mannequins can appear behind u or near u.
* Camera Shake.
* Pick & Up
* Camera Zoom
* Note System added.
* FEAR SYSTEM added.

TRAILER for the new Update 0.5 of Project:Mannequins!
Huge Update full of new features and fixed bugs.


Fear System, you can now pick & up objects,Zoom function, Read Notes


New Devlog : Project Mannequins - Next Update? When?