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The Ending freaked me out so don't mind me, just grabbing me stuff & leave, excuse me please


This game is a good example of creepypasta with a hidden message.

The game has a hidden meaning. Sonic doesn't have depression, he Has schizophrenia, that's why the flicky from Metallic Madness gets killed just when Sonic sees Him, that's why the flower that appears before gets ruined when Sonic sees it too. And that's why Sonic hears voices. I thought than this creepypasta was very simple and quite bad.

But now i see that it's actually a masterpiece, now i see why Sonic ends up commiting suicide, now i see how Sonic passes from island to island after teh Tornado gets ruined, and that's why Tails and Amy are together in the Palmtree panic ruins in the end.

Sonic has schizophrenia, not depression.

If i had to give this creepypasta a qualification, it would be 72/100

Great work Lucsan2015! Can't wait for more endings! Got one ending!

This might actually be the best Sonic creepypasta game I've played yet.

The problem with most Sonic creepypasta games is that they hardly feel like I'm playing the original source material which is the whole point of the stories, to be a messed up copy of the games. It also feels less immersive when it not only doesn't feel like the game, but also uses assets from other non-related Sega games. But this game has the spindash, it has the super peelout, it has actual level design instead of just holding right, and most importantly it has momentum. Also you managed to unsettle me, so good job on that!

The First (Attempt) of making some kind of Creepypasta fangame.

Sonic is ready to face Eggman to save the little Planet!

Are you ready to help Sonic take Doctor Eggman down?


I Wonder...May Happen...May Not...Who Knows?
(Except for the new logo the other 2 screenshots are just concepts)
(Also The Destiny is around 80% done. I guess that a date to say may be Early 2023 if everything goes right.)


Heya Once Again Everyone!
I´m here to say
Seriously, i thank you all from the bottom of my heart
I decided to make a video of the unused content from the game.
Enjoy It!

Unused Content Of Sonic CD Alternative Ending
Gamejolt Page - Happy Easter Everyone!

"Fix" Update Out -
Since i saw that a lot of people told me about the bug on scrap brain act 2 invisible layout i decided to fix it by doing a completly different layout. (I tested it on different computers and "apparently" it worked).

Credits To All These People!
Special Thanks To - Wayx - Sunfire - M80Marc - Lazy Blue - BonesGaia - Devy - Creamy - Pico - Luigikidgaming - Red TH - Sonic Central - Sonic Destiny -Dralex Bros - MrTogepiLord & Others For Playing This Creepypasta!

Sorry for being inactive for a long time.
Here´s some info about the new update on Sonic Cd Alternative Ending! (Yeah i had to do an image thanks to the gamejolt text limit)

(Credits to Que~ for the Goku Sprites on the profile picture)