What do you think?

A better explanation of the jump controls would be nice, but other than that it was fun.

This game is really fun, maybe a little bit hard. It is really addictive ! I gave 5/5 ! :)

Nice game , really good 10/10 but the problem is its hard like jump controls are super hard

Great concept, good graphics and everything, but keyboard-control could be useful to have. Because with a touch-pad instead of a classic mouse, it's just too hard to control the game. I gave 4/5 to it.

Blunt Jump is a side scrolling game where you have to jump cacti enemies collecting coins to try get a high score.
Hold and release space key or mouse to jump.

Version includes a automatic Christmas theme change when it reaches Christmas time during December.

Special thank you to Josh Lagerwey for animating the characters run cycle.

Mild Cartoon Violence
Drug Use
Tobacco Use

Trophy System Added To Windows