What do you think?

will this be pay for? (Im ok if it is im just asking)

I can't wait to play it

A boy is lost in a unknown house. Isak, the boy, has to get items to unlock the house door. But, don't think it's so easy, the house has traps and creepy things to get through!


  • Graphics in 16-bit!

  • Cool story!

  • A simple game, anybody can agree

  • Upcoming multiplayer mode!

The game estimated release date is: Yes.

#horror #retro #rpg #other #survival #puzzle #strategy #arcade #multiplayer

Mild Cartoon Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Simulated Gambling

the game now will be paid: 1.50 USD

We now have a wiki.

should we rename this game? i found out there are 2 other games with same name and almost same theme, and i don't wanna get in trouble with laws, so....

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also I just renamed some stock music to fit the ost.

i just know that i got some of musics from, and another site i don't remember.

All these songs are stock songs

The sounds too. This game isn't supposed to be oh-so famous wow, it's just to see if I can make proper games