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este es un indie increíble esperare la próxima actualización con ansias

Hello my name is Bruno, I do Gameplay of Indie Game, I would like to know if your game will have a DEMO, if you have, send me to do a Gameplay on my Youtube channel, to help in the promotion of the game, and also show your game here in my country Brazil ??

My contact email => [email protected]

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[His Sword] Equipped

This is a cancelled project.

Daito is a game about a deadly psychopath stealing a hero's sword from their grave, along with that hero's powers. So what happens if such a great power falls into the hands of such a psychopath?


  • Unique skills and spells which you can unlock through out the game.

  • Interactive environment via npc dialogues. (You'll able to make choices that affects the storyline.)

  • Gamepad support.

  • 3 different zones/biomes with their unique environments.

  • Aaand more!

Please like and follow if you're interested and want to show support to me.


#action #adventure #platformer #rpg #retro

Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
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