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What do you think?

WOW....Good Luck Makin The Game...i'll be waiting ;D

BRUHH i found this by accident and got scared for a sec when i realized you made it!


This Game is POG

Q:will this have lot optimization and 32 bit support?


No one made Toriel Fight in Underswap, so here i am taking a Task of making it, cuz i thought to do something original for once in my life, so yeah, hope you do understand, so enjoy!


UNDERSWAP - The Queen's Last Stand is basically, Underswap Toriel Fight, Where you Face her in The end of Underswap Adventure,

You Encounter Papyrus Telling you, That you're at The end of all things, but Suddently Queen Stops you, Which leads to Confrontation, Queen Toriel Uses all of her Powers To stop you.

Will you Survive? Or Will you Die, Obeying The Rules.


-2 Phases Fight
-Hardmode & Stuff
-More Battles [Coming soon as i think]
-Easter Eggs

Q:When the Game Releasement?
A:Duh, do you know how i planned the game that not too long?
Chapters have to be.

QLast Breath/Last Gasp Universe?
A:No, its Classic Toriel-Asgore Fight like Underswap - Toriel Takes role as asgore and Asgore takes role of toriel the caretaker of ruins

Q:You need help? [Example Spriter/Musician/Coder]
A:Of course, just message me about it. on discord TD!Funny#8160

Q:Do U Know Da Wae?!!?!

Be Sure to Join to our Cool Discord Server!


-Undertale By Toby Fox
-Underswap by Hatsune Miku
-The Queen's Last Stand [AT] By TD!Sans

Remember, All Questions Consider Contacting me on discord:TD!Funny#8160

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Queen is not gonna die as long i will find coders, spriters and musicians

alright so.

Alrighty so, We start to make Basic Progress.

and our boi @frX-TheDev is gonna help with our game

We Kindly Invite u to server, Which is my Hangout server, and we do streams of games, and i post stuff about game progress