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i was so scared when i heard the radio say RUN i left the game 11/10 horror game

First things first, the art style and setting immediately reminded me of Firewatch (also a fantastic game) but then that first scream pulled me right back to these terrifying woods. Trapping the player in their watchtower made this game so much scarier than I first expected. Great job!

So congrats on making the game, but i've been wondering... Wouldn't it be great if you made a Xbox One Edition of the game? Since there is a Creators Collection where you can put your own games here. Just wondering........

I finished the game, gave it a few goes to make sure I did not miss anything, found a critical bug but apart from that I enjoyed it. 5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Gave me the chills for sure. Good game, cant wait for more!

NOTE: If you are having crashing issues, especially on more powerful machines, try running the game in compatibility mode. We have heard this is something that helps with Unreal Engine games in general.


1.0 Released. There are multiple endings. Look at our Devlog for patch notes.

Made in 48hours for #asylumjam2017

All work is original content. Youtubers/Streamers have permission to film and stream.

It's a normal night in watchtower 4, until a distressed hiker calls in on the radio. Will you lead him to safety?

#mystery #horror #narrative

NOTE: I've been made aware the UE4 executable is flagging some antivirus software. I will investigate to figure out why that is. If this happens, just mark it as an accepted executable and it will be fine.

FOR MAC: Must be on latest Mac OS to play.

Play the follow-up for Do You Copy? in The Leeds Murder


A Gracewind Tale: The Leeds murder is available now!

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Watch the latest trailer to The Leeds Murder here. Are you ready to go back to Gracewind?…

A New Update on The Leeds Murder. This last weekend we made some huge progress and big pieces came together.…

Head on over to The Leed's Murder page to read about an update for the project.


A Teaser is finally here. The sequel to "Do You Copy?" is "The Leeds Murder"