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uhhh i don't how to deal with new anais or new gumball all i know to deal with new darwin

its sad it got cancelled...atleast it wasent a mario fangame nintendo will probablyhadl try suing him

I Found an easter egg 🤣

It's a shame that part 2 didn't come out.

Oh wait, heres jumpscare in dtag 2 demo

this is an archive of the dark times at gumball's games (yes i got permission from @8bitgenesis that i could archive theses games)

so you may be asking what is dark times at gumball's well dark times at gumball's is a five nights at freddy's fangame made by @8bitgenesis there was going to be a 2nd game and there might have even been a 3rd game but sadly all of that came crashing down as the creator of fun times at homer's (@NickPerson ) said that sunky had stolen because @8bitgenesis had used the word "time" in the title of his fangame (dark time at gumball's) a bullshit clam indeed but @8bitgenesis is working on a new fnaf fangame named unstable terror and is going to remake dtag 1 and dtag 2

link to unstable terror:

#dtag #dtag2 #gumball #fangame #fnaf

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence

Archive is up