What do you think?

The new update is pretty rad, overdue comment.

Is there any hint as to what happened to Mario to make him end up in the secret level?

All this inspiration of this horror game makes it a very good story and a brilliant idea for my Boss concept for Item Asylum.

So I’ll rate this:

I like the game and also did record the gameplay but like most of the exe games i got copyright claims on music ... sadly can't upload it :(

i like it, but somethings can be improved on, mostly the controls but also making bowser seem more like a threat and not just appear to end someones life, he looks fantastic and i want to see more of him

The spritework is cool and so are the sounds, although the entire gameplay feels off. There are some things like where hitting the ? blocks moves you forward even if you're holding still while jumping? Cool premise though and nice to see someone other than the main character be the villainous .exe.

Also a Mario level would be dope.

This is trying to be a recreation of the first Super Mario Bros game, everything goes well at first, until as you progress things get a bit rough.

All rights reserved Nintendo.


Credits for some exes:

(this is for some people who found all the easter eggs in the second version)

InkBowser by: @Tarkan809

"Jumpman" by: @goldfreddyexe


Left Key and Right Key: Walk

with X: Run

Z: Jump


King_K/ Insan-X sprites by: @Tarkan809 (For stand; walking sprites), me (for edit the sprites) and icelucario20xx (for the Koopa Shell)
Peach sprites by: CaptainGame17

Toad sprites by: Me

Luigi && Mario SMB sprites by: Leo Plays YT

Koopa messages sprites by: Me

Game Over screen by: Me

Tilesets and misc by: Nintendo

Update stuff:

It was renamed "SMB: King's Slaughter" because Koopa's Insanity would not make much sense. Originally it was going to be called "King's Carnage" (name suggested by: @PicoDigitalStudios

The controls are fixed. (I guess)

An improvement on most sprites.

I'm sorry to say this, but the easter eggs are not going to be there (except the Mario's secret level. You can access by typing "MARIO"), I'm still going to credit their exe-characters.

I have improved the atmosphere of the game.

Fixed the bug with character deaths (for example Luigi's death)

And I changed some messages.

The truth is that I tried to improve several things, I know it's not a big deal, but I hope you like it!

Opinions in a constructive way are accepted!

#luigikidexechallenge2 #luigikidcreepypasta #horror #fangame

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Intense Realistic Violence
Blood and Gore




Some bugs in the update.


COMING SOON (New Update)... (Possibly these days. xd)