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An example for Indie Developers:

This game is simply splendid. It has been said before about their obvious inspirations in classic Arcade games, precise gameplay, retro graphics of high quality level and efficient design. The game certainly does a great job in bringing all the good stuff that is in Ghouls and Ghosts to a fresh game. But my observation is more about his other extraordinary quality: the great work it does in dialogue game cultural references with other cultural references. So let's talk about the narrative.

Alan Moore, renowned author of comics as "Watchmen" and "V for Vendetta", tells us that when creating a story we should elaborate everything around the character: their world, their social relations, what they eat, how they live, how die, etc. Even if these details are not showed in the narrative, they will enrich the content of the work. This applies not only to comics, but also to the movies, literature, and why not to video games? Do this requires a lot of planning and research, something that is evident in Maldita Castilla.

The player can not always notice at first (and are not required to understand), but the game is filled with contents inspired by literature, movies, and history. So Maldita Castilla, from Locomalito, does an excellent job in dialogue references of classic games (especially Ghouls and Ghosts, the aesthetics of Mega-Drive/Genesis, and the lovely windmills), but adds new narrative elements drawn from literature (I've loved the library on fire, reminds me of "The Name of the Rose", from Umberto Eco, in addition to Cervantes, and others references as Dante Alighieri) and historical research (The whole medieval christian view of hell, paganism, and other cultures that they could not understand, like the Norse). Maldita Castilla manage to not become a exaggerated caricature (even more exaggerated than) of Ghouls and Ghosts, and renew that game style to an original content. It's a great way to keep that nostalgic content (gameplay, Medieval feeling) without just repeating all the old content (Nothing about save the princess).

The advantage of games like Ghouls and Ghosts, Castlevania, among others, is that they also drew inspiration in movies and literature. The disadvantage of many Indie Games that mimic these classics is that they took inspiration only in Castlevania and Ghouls and Ghosts. The advantage of Maldita Castilla is that it is inspired by Ghouls And Ghosts and by many other cultural references. It is a lot more than a rip-off, certainly a job of professional level.

Muy bueno .....Historia relacionada en españa (puntos a su favor ;) me encanta españa) guarda esencia de Ghost 'n Goblins solo que menos agrio....Muy muy bueno ...Lo ame _

Juego que rinde tributo a clásicos de los 80 como ghost'n goblins.

"Press fire to start game" I guess it's either Space or Enter, but I tried pressing everything and nothing works. HELP!

this is like a sequel to ghosts and goblins

An arcade adventure of chivalry and horror

The lament of a young witch has been turned into a key for demons. Guide Don Ramiro through the cursed lands of Tolomera and expel the evil that entered the Kingdom of Castile.

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