What do you think?

Played it. Uploaded a Let's Play. Thoughts:

It's basically a dark hallway walking simulator centered entirely around triggering jumpscares. There's no atmosphere, a sincere lack of gameplay and interaction, and predominantly a constant fetch quest for notes broken up into phrases or single words.

There's no subtlety. The jumpscares are loud and proud, even more than the first game. Zero use of audio cues or ambient sound to create an atmosphere, which results in walking in total silence - broken only by the incessant creaking doors.

Essentially, it's a little worse quality than the first Timore, which already set the bar very low.

I think it's important that you read this feedback, since everyone else in this comments section is desperately trying to advertise their Let's Play channels and telling you what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear. This needs a lot of work - a LOT - if you actually want it to be a horror game. It's more of a short comedy map at the moment.

I would recommend (for a future game) creating a soundtrack instead of having total silence in the background. I would also recommend minimizing jumpscares in favor of atmosphere and using ambient sound to create unease. Implement gameplay mechanics other than picking up keys and strips of paper. Finally, seriously think about ditching the mannequin guys in favor of something that's actually threatening - like a patrolling monster or something that can actually give chase.

Games like Phobia, One Late Night, ImScared: A Pixelated Nightmare, and plenty of other free indie horrors are leagues and leagues ahead of this. There is a long way to go.

Oh, will you look at that? ''Nox'' Timore. Yeah, a sequel. I mean, come on! Dark Hallways and cheap, shitty Jumpscares? Nightmare disorder ''facts'' copied from Wikipedia? Unity Door Sound Effects? As if the First one wasn't already bad.

Нох тимор в моде при любой погоде

This game is terrible. I don't even know if I should call it a game

нох тиморе в моде при любой погоде

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Another release this week, the original Nox Timore from 8 years ago has a new official remake that is live now and it is free here on GameJolt!



The original Timore from 8 years ago has a new official remake that is live now and it is free here on GameJolt!


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