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Love your game! Please let me know when you conplete your game and I will do a new review for your game also if you're on twitter hit me up @weirderfye but anyways here is your review as I have some goods and bads about your game but it I still enjoyed the game very much.

I just have to start by saying that I love the voxel style, it's so eye-catching and a lovely blend of retro and modern. Love it!

Alright, now that's off my chest let's get this going. The intro: awesome. The premise: awesome. The puzzle system: awesome laced with funny. My anticipation: through the roof.

Honestly, just from this wee teaser trailer style demo I am hugely looking forward to seeing more of this, it's got so much potential and I so want to play it as soon as I can. I need more of this, whether it be via regular video game playing style or injected straight into my neural system. Either way works, but I'd prefer no needles if possible.

All of you folks out there who like old school point and click games, robust puzzles and quirky humour need to get this demo played as soon as possible, and you all need to give Monkeys Tales Studios some serious love to keep this project ticking along! So get cracking!

Keep up the awesome work, this was a tantalising taste of what I hope will be more to come! =)

OMEGA: THE BEGINNING is an interactive episodic tale on the delicate subject of friendship, starts with the turbulent story of young Teni, a spirited teenager with a passion for murals who lost his right leg in a road accident. Though the result of unfortunate chance, this will make you feel profoundly duty-bound.

It will be up to you to look after Teni and to indulge his requests. The plot of an intense friendship will unravel on screen, leading to a totally unexpected epilogue.

In this episode you will step into the shoes of Scott, an irreverent teenager who finds himself desperately searching Teni, his best childhood pal.
While tracking down your friend, you will often remember the terrible accident that crippled him, and will soon discover that a mysterious figure lurks in the darkness, scheming dangerously behind your backs.
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Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence

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