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stupid question but

will you add trophies to this game?

it would be awesome

i god damn figured out the secret route
the lv 0 route
here's how to do it up to at least toriel(yes its a real route as if you fail it at toriel then it actually makes the noise indicating the failure)
step 1 avoid starry's bullets if he is there
step 2 flee from the dummy, and the first froggit
step 3 decline going through the first alone room by yourself until toriel walks you through the rest of the outlands(note: you have to do this for the future, as toriel will specifically state after she walks you through the ruins that there will be no more fights, or something along those lines)
step 4 do the toriel fight
idk what you need to do exactly for the toriel fight as i have only just discovered this but it is it's own route and might potentially be what the secret route actually is

I don't usually comment but my god that was a really fun experience, it really captured that Undertale feel. Great job.

Toriel continues to make a great pie.

The only question is how it’s made because milk is required-


Long ago, two species ruled the solar system: HUMANS and MONSTERS. As time passed, a war broke out between the two species. After the MONSTERS' home planet was destroyed, HUMANS declared victory. The remaining MONSTERS were banished to an abandoned outpost. A powerful force field was erected, and the MONSTERS were sealed in. Many years later...


Tales speak of a place from which spacecraft never return.

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Any%: N/A

Pacifist: N/A

Genocide: 23:51.03 by Arce


@BalgamliKedi - Assistant spriter, Creative direction, Internal review

@BlazesPixelProductions - Assistant spriter


@BrightStarry_Official - Assistant spriter

@Efe_Kaya - Internal review

Ghostly - Outstanding QA tester

@PhyreCreations - Assistant spriter

@pietro29 - Battle review, Internal review

ProctorDorkchop02 - Guest spriter

@Sata_Decanesin - Internal review

Death is not an escape -

SquigglyWiggley - Guest Spriter

I'm awesome

Starkiteckt - Backdrop artist


Area 1 - Outlands: Complete!

Area 2 - Starton: Complete!

Area 3 - Foundry: ~87%

  • Miniboss Attacks (2/3 done)

  • Encounter Sprites (4/4 done)

  • Encounter Logic (3/4 done)

  • Encounter Attacks (0/4 done)

  • Undyne battle <-- Current Focus

  • Undyne date

  • Phone calls

  • QA Testing


What does "PS" stand for? A: "Project Spacetime"

When is the next area coming out? A: Hopefully by the end of October!

What's the point of this game? A: Outertale is a cool looking AU?? What more do ya want from me?

Can I join the team? A: We already have more team members than we need-

How many endings will there be? A: Yes.

How many areas will be in the game? A: There will be 7 areas in the game.

Where's the SAVE file stored? A: On windows, it's ~/AppData/Roaming/spacetime/universe.json . On linux, it's ~/.config/spacetime/universe.json


@BalgamliKedi , ClamsyMoe, @Efe_Kaya , @FuLiNT , Green Tea, Ghostly, Nanorasmus, @pietro29 , @RadicalRic , @Sata_Decanesin , @SHC_ , @spaceknife234 , Squiggly Wiggley, Tenbrooks, Wild Pasta


Toby Fox - Yes

@BalgamliKedi - Super Starwalker comics, Outlands overworld decorations (Old shuttlecraft), Outlands NPCs (Aaron, Supervisor, Silencio, Soup monster, Clay bucket carrier), Starton NPCs (Balloon kid, Toothbrush guy, Officer Kabakk, Winged librarby NPC)

@BlazesPixelProductions - Outlands overworld decorations (Vending machine, Wall sign, Terminal, Fuel injector), Outlands battle sprites (Froggit, Whimsun, Loox, Migosp, Mushy)

@PhyreCreations - Outlands overworld decorations (Supervisor's desk, Coat rack, Spilled clay bucket, Metal cabinet), Foundry overworld design (Pipes)

ProctorDorkchop02 - Sans battle/dialogue sprite base

SquigglyWiggley - Starton NPCs (Officer Zorren)

@supper12 - Mettaton overworld sprite base


Anna Anthropy - Crypt of Tomorrow font, Mars Needs Cunnilingus font

Chequered Ink - Diary of an 8-Bit Mage font

Haley Halcyon - Determination Mono font, Determination Sans font

William Costello - Comic Sans font, DotumChe font, Papyrus font


  • Act To Flirt by @zirkkun , my favorite fangame of all time. It's just a dating simulator... right? Heh. Go play it, like, right now.

  • DeeperDown by Zeragii, the first Undertale AU I discovered after playing the game. It's amazing, and has tons of headcanon material.

  • Inverted Fate by @Dorklet , which has some of the best character writing i have ever seen from a story, especially when it comes to Chara.


Alden - For being there for me when I need someone to lean on, they can help me bounce back from any loss of motivation or down-time.

[[Them]] - For being a big supporter of the game, one of the friendliest people I know, and helping to inspire me to finish the game.

PS!Outertale is developed on the 2CUTE engine!

#undertale #outertale #au #rpg #fangame #puzzle #retro #scifi #adventure

Fantasy Violence

I decided to make a fancy OST video for "Into the Archive" so here it is!

PS!Outertale OST - Into the Archive
A mysterious place awaits you in the depths of the archive...CHECK OUT THE GAME HERE: made with FL Studio ZGameE...

that awkward moment when

you code a

GLSL shader

so that undyne does the funni neutral route death thing


((i was working on that 41 lines of code for 8 hours))

(Hopefully the script I setup to auto-post this works.)


Have this collection of battle, dialogue, and overworld sprites made just for the awesome yellow lizard!

Poll: Which sprites do you like more?

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HUGE: "Into the Archive" is now on the PS!Outertale soundtrack! This is a totally original track for the game, the overworld theme for the True Lab equivalent, Archive Six.

Progress update: Wrote a ton of original dialogue for Undyne and made plenty of additions to UT dialogue, battle logic working, 400 follower special is ready