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I adore this! The voice acting is excellently believably arrogant and demanding, the accent suits well and the writing is SUPER concise!

why is this not on steam? why iam not paying money for this? omfg makes no sense
such a brilliant game

I was wondering why this looked very similair to Aragami and noticed that you were the same team who made it. If it's anything like it then perfect.

o jogo é muito bom espero que continuem !!!!

A mysterious goddess locked in a guarded temple.
A strange warrior back from the dead.
A dangerous journey full of blood and secrets.


Path of Shadows is a 3rd person stealth game where you control a reborn assassin capable of manipulating the shadows. The player can blink between the scenario shadows, and create new shadows when there are none.

The game is a love lettter to classic stealth games like Tenchu, Metal Gear Solid and the original Splinter Cell games, and some new gems like Dishonored andMark of the Ninja. The art style is heavily inspired by the beautiful Okami, Journey and Sly Cooper.

Path of Shadows was a student project meant as a work of "portfolio". You can know more about the original team here:

Some of the original developers are now working on Aragami, the commercial successor to Path of Shadows. Check it out at:


Install instructions

Just run the executable and read the instructions. Please check the included ReadMe!

Also, check out the F.A.Q. at the Official Website:

Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed

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Aragami announced for Steam and PS4

Twin Souls - E3 2015 Trailer