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This game was incredible! I'm so impressed, great work!

Horrifying game! You need to check it out yourself. The gameplay is below! Check it out!

Just played this in my 7 nights of Fright video for Halloween and I can honestly say it was the perfect game to start with. I was scared as hell!

I do NOT handle scary games well. I ended up having to quit after I got too rattled.


Compatible with Oculus Rift !
Available on GearVR !! Go to to get your free Gear VR key or grab it directly into the Oculus app ( )!!

Let yourself wake up in a mysterious empty house, well, quite empty.

'Play With Me' is a french student project aiming for total immersion in this horrific adventure.

In this game you'll only count on your instinct to guide yourself through this nightmare, but do not even try to defy him, he's the only one allowed to play with you.

Please consider having a good night despite this.

Artists :

  • Antoine Porras

  • Gwendolyne Collins

  • Mélanie Fuster

Devs :

  • Grégory Martin-Teyssier

  • Marco Lorenzo

Music / Sounds :

  • Laurent Champourlier

And a big thank / kiss to everyone involved in this game :) !

Brought to you by CREAJEUX, our videogame highschool

OST from the game available NOW :

WARNING : This game contains clowns and jumpscares.

Facebook :
Contact : [email protected]


#horror #survival #vr

Mild Fantasy Violence

Play With Me on Gear VR !

The game is now available on Gear VR !

Follow this link to get your free copy of the game :) !

Any feedback is appreciated !
Enjoy !

1.1.0 Update ! (HD Mode)