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just played through the game and i have to say that it was fantastic! a lenghty adventure in an all-around halloween-themed valley with memorable characters, a simple, but effective story, great battles, very well-done and fun to explore locations and the music that slaps hard!) overall, great job, TattersTheBat!) the game also has many little, but, nevertheless, great details in it (warning for everyone that haven't played it - the next section of the comment has some heavy spoilers!) - the battles with various bosses, for example, are all great! from the seasonless seymour that has attacks themed after different seasons to the eventual fight with the demon king himself with runes helping you out during the battle - each and every one of them was memorable in its own way, and the sprites for all of the enemies look fantastic and stylish!) the mana tag system is great, and items, weapons and armor having different and interesting properties is also cool and gives the player a lot of variety in their playthrough - different equipment setups are better for different fights!) next, i love the fact that interacting with certain objects after acquiring new party members gives some updated dialogue (like pretty much everything in Ricky's house after acquiring Ricky or the pumpkins after you acquire Punky in your party, and so on!), and the locations themselves are very well-done - the tilesets fit the halloween theme perfectly with their purple palette (and, in case of the swamp and mildmire - the green one!), and having some secret chests scattered around the maps encourages the players to explore the locations all the way!) the game's puzzle elements are also pretty cool and mix in very well with the RPG and adventure elements, especially the shrine of voice with its fake party members and confusing, creepy atmosphere... also, the fact that the townsfolk in Tricksburg actually repopulate the town after you save them and the shopkeeper guy is replaced by another one who even has a cool new jacket available is a very cool detail!) also the use of RPG Maker's vehicle system for the cart sections is lowkey genius and the Valley of Trials allowing you to fight powered-up versions of already defeated bosses is awesome and just right for fightoholics like me who are permanently blood-crazed, jajaja!) and, finally, the way that you can actually choose who do you want to give the ultimate weapon to after getting all of the runes placed is fantastic - although, the hallow lantern for Punky doesn't seem to work - you can't equip it, for some reason... oh well)

all in all, Rhyme and the Hallowed Runes was joy to play through, from start to finish - it has a great atmosphere, awesome characters, and just feels like the developers put their soul into it!) TattersTheBat, i wish you and everyone else that had worked on the game best of luck, nerves of steel and lots of inspiration in your future endeavors!) take care!

A Halloween adventure starring a ghost cat and her friends!

In ancient times, Hallow's Valley was ravaged by demons, until one day, a powerful archmage created legendary sealing spells, called the Hallowed Runes, to keep them in check. Ever since then, the people of Hallow's Valley used Halloween as a way to celebrate the Mage's feat, saved from the pillaging of the demons!

...That is, until one day, the runes were mysteriously stolen, taken from their shrines and filling the valley with demons once again - right before the Halloween Festival! It's up to Rhyme the Magic Hallowcat and her friend Ricky to venture out and save the valley by restoring the runes...


- About 1.5 hours of RPG gameplay! Solve puzzles and fight your way to each of the Hallowed Runes' sanctuaries.

- A few hidden secrets to find!

- Little to no grinding; you can just keep going!

#rpg #puzzle #adventure #halloween

Mild Cartoon Violence
Comical Shenanigans

Slight hiccup with needing the RPG Maker runtime thingy, should work now so you might need to redownload if you already had gotten it!