What do you think?

Really good game, I did every level!

Improvements I can think of are;

The levels look great but the UI lets them down

I didn't realise you could change skin, maybe put that option in the UI between levels

It was really hard to control, I felt it would have been a lot easier if Jump button was left mouse and grab was right mouse. maybe a break button too

the only parts that seem glitchy were bouncing through that big pipe and the bouncy cones made me fly off the level for miles

I have a game called Los Ball that is similar but takes a different approach with the controls and camera.


PS5 please I don't know how it works to put your games on ps5 but I would really like it to be on this platform i dont speak english so it's probably not well written


This game is still under development, many things could change and be added. Leave your feedback to improve the game.

the newest game in the sphere game franchise now, with new mechanics and challenges. Grab metal bars to pass the obstacles and reach the portal to the next level. Game developed by Diego Paes.

For Xbox:

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new update, added skins and purchase system.