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very good game I would like it to be downloadable keep it up greetings from Argentina

This is so top game! I got all the trophies

Game Toooop. BR rules

Make a download pls!!!

Challenging, fun game. I included it in part 6 of my GameBoy Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)

Game Soundtrack

1 song

Tim_ Theme - by Eduardo Riess

Second place on #gbjam3



[arrows] or [d-pad] = Walk

[x] or [up arrow] or [A button] = Jump (need unlock this ability)

[space] or [triggers buttons] = Stop the time (need unlock this ability)

[c] or [x button] = pew pew pew! (need unlock this ability)

[enter] or [start button] = give up! forever!

Tim_ its about time. Its my first game and I love super meat boy, vvvvvv and others awesome games. =]

Game by: Kiliano Lopes -

Audio by: Eduardo Riess -






Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Language


The new ads system sux. Ads off now =)

Bad ass fan art of Tim_! GREAT! :D

Badass Tim_!

Thx Bruna Melo, you are awesome.

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Awesome art! Thx Bruna!

More one amazing art of Tim_

Thx Bruna Melo, you are awesome.

Achievements, Secret Rooms, Dowloadable versions and more points, in the last update of Tim_ :)

More one awesome fan-art :D

Thanks Emanuel Braga! :D Awesome!

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