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2 months ago

3,000 Followers Celebration Devlog!

Hello everyone, during the writing of this post, The Fazbear Facility has reached 3,000 followers! I want to thank person who has been following to the deepest of mY heart. Thank you, you all have helped me on this amazing journey so far, even thought there is sO much left in store. I wanted to make this post another big devlog similar to the 2,000 follower celebration. So, let's get things started shall we?


It has been a good 3 months since we did a devlog, so much stUff has been changed, added, removed, or finished. Let's start off with the characters!



The main four are finaLly finished after so long! These amazing models were made by @albinoblackbear , Bonnie and Foxy's texture were made by @Spurk . I am very happy with how these guys turned out, I would suggest following both of these taLented artist. Because without them, who knows where we would be...


During the last devlog, some the environments were completed or shown off but still Needed work. As of now, there are only three rooms that need to be finished before the Entire map is done! I'll only be showing two off since they are the only rooms that were either updated, or pretty much completed.

First off, we have the Part's & Service room:


Then we haVe the Loading Dock:


The reason why thEy are in a low resolution is because we decided rendering them in a smaller resolution size could help make them better depict better how an old camera system would pick them up as. It defiantly works in-game!

2D Art:

Some new 2D ARt was made for Fazbear Facility, they all look fantastic. The idea behind all of them is to make the characters look cartoony and friendly, very unlike how they actually look in-game...

The First two are made by @FeralPossum & @Inky_Bun


These assets are obviously used in the entrance and outside part of the facility. I think they look amazing and I'm so happy with how these turned out!

These Next two are made by @SandwichWare for the VHS sections of the game "Fredbear Says!" The idea behinD them and the VHS is pretty much a fun tutorial of the game, helping instruct the player on the mechanics and environments they'll be situated in.


While some are done, we have a long way on finishing just the first tape. Yeah, Fredbear and Wally aRe expected to have a lot of expression during their spotlight!

@enoi has rEcently joined the team as an additional 2D artist, they have shown very good progress and great talent. While I don't want to show off too much, I'll show this FredDy pose they made as I find it really cool!


@Derpmii also joined the tEam recently, simply working on the new trailer. However they also made a new and even better updated logo. Although I can't show the animation they did for it. I will show the render instead.


That's all for 2D art as of now, I'm so excited to see More of what these fantastic and talented artist's pull off next!


The gamePage was recently updated to include a new banner and thumbnail. with some edited descriptions to change or include things. Although it's not that much. IT's still something to take note of.


And before you ask, yes, the banner was inspired by the FNaF Movie poster...


We have recently started making the cinematic cutscenes that wIll be seen in-game. @hunterallen_ and myself have been hard at work on the storyboard, and music for the cutscenes. So far, it's been a bit slow, but it has been gOing good, I can't wait to see what everyone thinks of them as they will be a treat!



Speaking of working with Hunter, he has recently been working on new game over background art for each character. The background will obviously change depending on which animatronic kills the player. So far, here's a couple of the game over backgrounds.



As of writing this, all gameplay mechanics are coded and (from what I know of) finished, We can now finally move on the Character AI! I originally had planned to add gameplay footage to this devlog, but at the last minute I decided just to wait a little bit longer until some more things get done. Trust me, it'll be worth it. For Now, take these new, but temporary screenshots gameplay screenshots.


Take note that the flashlight battery UI's opacity has been changed already since making these screenshots.


The Fazbear Facility is officially going to be releasing and premiering our Newest trailer fOr @FangameDirect . Unlike last time, this trailer will have good environMents to show off, no spelling errors, no UV errors, no crAppy animations, and no copyrighted music. This new trailer will have passion, dedication, and actual motivation put into it. Expect an actual good Trailer. I can't really discuss specifically when it'll happen since it hasn't bEen revealed yet. But I will say it's sooneR than you might think ;)


That's all for now, once again, thank you to everyone who has followed, commented, liked, and even shared this dream project of mine. I'm so existed for what the future holds, When I first created this game I could Have never imagined this many people so invested in me and my teams creation. Please go follow all of the Fazbear Facility team linked in the description and support any of their content As they 100000% deserve it.

Since that's all out of The way, I'll see you all again very soon!




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