Five Nights at Sonic's 4: SHPP AfterMath REMAKE

2 months ago



Next up

Righty Pop-Sonic!

Roller skates.

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A promotional art

The Lunar Puppet.

YAY! it's FNaS 2 9th anniversary (maybe late in some zones) so that means Reopened just came out, go and play it!, also please report bugs, thanks for the long wait

You are ok nightmare toy sonic? or i mean CLONE SONIC?

(the text are in spanish)

Me when i see all the job i need to do with ST rigs:

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Directed by: @choco_xd

Art by: @NowhereBunny

Edited by: @AsulZilla

----- Happy 9th Anniversary Five Nights at Sonic's! -----

Lefty Pop-Sonic!