Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Jumpscare Simulator
5 years ago

Box Survival re-released as its own page.

Again, this is just a game I was testing out a few things with.





Next up

W.I.P for the next jumpscare simulator!

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Have a good Boi

Today I was setting up the location of the first boss. His name is "Father" and he is the first of the Patagonians. His task is to guard the road to the House.🛡🗡 Bookmark pre-launch page🔖🔖🔖…

A house I've built a while ago. :)

It nicely separates the snowy biome from the grassy one.

It's built with painted Ebonstone.

Horror WIP A track that will be featured in a future horror game soundtrack! Stay tuned!

Likes appreciated ✌️

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Levels' maps.

brung back my old oc plus a new one

...they don`t have names yet tho

Respect (Only TLOZ Players Will Understand)