Rhyme and the Silver Hourglass
1 year ago

Change of Plans regarding the Release Date!

The initial plan was to release Rhyme and the Silver Hourglass on October 21st, to give myself plenty of time to work on all the content. However, I've gotten completely done with the game and all my plans way ahead of schedule, so I'll be releasing the game a bit earlier!

The new release date of Rhyme and the Silver Hourglass is:

October 8th, 2022 - Next Saturday!!



Next up

Less than a month until Rhyme and the Silver Hourglass releases! If you missed it, this storybook adventure through time will be available on October 21st, 2022!

Character Spotlight: Ricky Echofried

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Contest Winners have been chosen! Thanks to those who participated! Winners, look forward to seeing these characters in the final game!

All About Warped Realities!

Happy Spooky Month from Rhyme!

20 Days til Release!

Have a good Boi

Heya! I wanted to show some gameplay progress i made so far. I hope you like it ^^

Just a Pico sprite

The whole squad is here!

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