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YOOOOOOO a new Rhyme game! let's go, i loved the first one to the core, can't wait to play this one!)

Really digging the art and screenshots!


ok bro first things first got this bitch of a message pop up when i tried to exit the options menu lol and secondly where did you put all the data bruh the archive weights 559 megs but the folder doesn't even weight 1 bruh how?????


The transfer event doesn't work here...

Time Is In Grave Danger...

Embark on a Halloween-themed adventure starring Rhyme the Hallowcat and her best friend, Ricky! Something strange has happened in their home of Hallow's Valley, and so they travel across the sea to a neighboring island to meet with one of Ricky's friends and investigate.

As this issue quickly spirals out of control into a serious threat of the temporal kind, will they be able to save their home and restore time itself?

While this story features characters and mentions events from its predecessor, Rhyme and the Hallowed Runes, it is not necessary to play that game to understand and enjoy this one.


- Encounter over 70 unique and dangerous enemies!

- Venture into 9 different temporal anomalies, which are randomly generated each time you enter!

- Harness a wide variety of skills to use against your opponents in classic RPG battles!

- Original art, music, characters, and more!

- 19 Achievements to collect!

- Plenty of sidequests to keep the adventure going!

- Multiple Endings?


Average Playtime: 4 - 5 Hours

You are free to use any of the game & soundtrack in videos, covers, etc. if you want to, just please credit me and link back to this page if possible. And feel free to send it to me, I'd love to see it!

#adventure #rpg #halloween #rpgmaker

Mild Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Comical Shenanigans

Patch v1.0.2

Fixed a bug in which doing the Ancient Catacombs dungeon in a certain order wouldn't allow you to progress.

Small patch: I took out the Options command, as it caused an error and doesn't have much use anyway.

To transfer save files, just copy and paste the .rvdata2 file from the old folder to the new one when you download it.

Rhyme and the Silver Hourglass is OUT NOW!!

I hope you enjoy it!

Change of Plans regarding the Release Date!

Happy Spooky Month from Rhyme!

20 Days til Release!