2 months ago

Death toll but angy ghosts of old chateau

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Next up

My class folks took a photo of me with a filter and i made a drawing about it

(I wanna die)

Some drawings

Silent hill shaggy

(he's looking for his dog)

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Today it's the day

It been uh, days that im not posting so uhm. Iโ€™ll post this art that took me 3 hours to draw it. Yeahhh it one of my favorite songs tbh, which is called โ€œoverdoseโ€ (it in japanese btw)

I made this thing(updated ver)

I quite not sure what i could do with it

I was trying to make a spooky sonic and came out of the drawing the first thing in my mind

Le peppino

Lightning Mcqueen 8 bit #fnf

Tried to make rumble artstyle